During your first conversation with one of our directors, you will be asked: “how many death certificates would you like to order?”  If this is the first time you are arranging a funeral – you might find this a little strange and be wondering, why am I being asked that now?  However, you will soon see, that the death certificate is by far the most important document you will need in the coming weeks; an original death certificate is required by Banks, IRA’s, Pensions, Credit Cards; for filing Federal and State Tax Returns, Insurance Policies, Property Ownership; Transferring or redeeming stocks, Bonds, Treasury Bills – just to name a few.  We always recommend you order a few more than you think you will need.

In addition to how many you will need – it is critical that the information you provide us is accurate.  Ordering additional copies often takes only a few days.  However, correcting an already completed certificate can take up to weeks or possibly months to correct.

If you need me to resend the entire document, please let me know

Reordering of Death Certificates
If you need to order more certified death certificates, you can do so online www.vitalchek.com or by phone at 1-877-854-4481.  Just follow the links to order your copies.  If you run into a problem – please call us and we will assist you in any way we can.

In New York City, death certificates are $15.00 per copy.  Elsewhere throughout the state, they are $10.00 per copy. Outside of New York State, you must contact the local county registrar where the person passed away and they will advise you as to how to order additional copies.

Please complete the information below as it pertains to the person for whom arrangements are being made. This information is necessary to file the appropriate forms for Prearrangement contracts, Death Certificate and any permits required at the time of need.