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As long as the casket adheres to Jewish law — kosher glue, no metals and wooden dowels instead of nails — it can be fashioned from any type of wood.

According to Jewish law, the deceased must return to the earth that gave him/her life. Traditionally, Jews have buried their dead in simple, pine caskets, which are referred to as “kosher.” A pine box decomposes in the ground, and is therefore the traditional Jewish casket; however, it does not necessarily have to be made from pine. The actual type of wood used and the finish applied to the casket is not important.

The wood of the casket may be polished or natural. The prices will vary based upon how exotic the species of wood from which the casket is made, the workmanship and detail, and the type of finish. Obviously, the more it costs to produce, the more it will cost to buy. All of our caskets are adorned with a Star of David, which is also made completely of wood. The interior material of a wood casket is typically either velvet or crepe. Jewish custom mandates that the entire casket must be biodegradable.

How do you select a casket?
Keep in mind what is aesthetically acceptable, and affordable. The type of wood selected is a family decision. Typically, caskets are not opened during the funeral service.

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