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According to Jewish burial traditions, man is created equal and is therefore equal in death, which is why Rabbinic authorities recommend the use of simple caskets that reflect this democracy and prevent the unnecessary expense of elaborately adorned coffins. A traditional Jewish casket or aron is decidedly simple in design and construction. Arons use wooden pegs instead of nails and have unlined interiors. They are made from wood that naturally decomposes, as opposed to metal that would prevent the natural process of the body’s return to earth. Some also have holes in the bottom, which allow the body to come into direct contact with the earth.

Man must return to the earth that gave him life. Traditionally, Jews have buried their dead in kosher pine caskets. A pine box decomposes in the ground, making it the preferred wood for traditional Jewish casket. But the type of wood actually doesn’t matter. As long as the casket has been made in adherence with Jewish law—with no metal components and put together using kosher glue and wooden dowels—it can be fashioned from any type of wood. The finish applied and the actual type of wood used is usually not important and can be selected according to the preference of the family. Casket wood may have a natural or polished finish.

Jewish casket prices usually vary depending on the type and species of wood from which the box was made. The type of finish, amount of detail, and the craftsmanship put into the casket also affects its price. Naturally, the costlier a casket is to produce, the more expensive it becomes to buy. There is no need to overspend, though. When selecting a casket to put your loved one’s remains in, keep in mind what is traditionally and aesthetically acceptable, kosher, and affordable.

Here at Weinstein Chapels, all caskets are made completely out of wood, with interior material typically lined with crepe or velvet. The caskets we offer follow Jewish customs and traditions and are entirely biodegradable so as not to interfere with the natural decomposition of the body.

All our caskets come adorned with a Star of David.

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