Charles Hellman 1910 - 2017


Obituary not available.

Graveside Service

10:00 am Thursday, March 2, 2017
New Mount Zion Cemetery
Orient Way
Lyndhurst, New Jersey, United States


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    stephen hellman says

    Our thoughts are with the family at this time. It always comes as a shock and a blow. This is truly the "end of an era". — Steve H

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    Martin Hellman says

    I send my sympathy to Chas's sons, Arthur, Jerry, and Walter, and to his brother, my Uncle Ben. He will be missed.

    I was privileged to know my Uncle Charlie (as we called him when I was a kid) for 71 of his 106 years on Earth, since I grew up not far from him and his family.

    On top of that, I had him as my physics teacher at Bronx Science for a fantastic course, known then as PSSC Physics. (He was the only one who taught it, which is how I was allowed to have my uncle as a teacher.) This effort to reinvigorate science teaching in the US paid off for me in many ways, including when I used its introduction to quantum mechanics (a new idea for HS physics in 1960) to answer a question on the EE doctoral qualifying exam at Stanford. Thank you Uncle Charlie!

    I also loved the time that Dorothie and I got to spend with Chas and Flora in 1989 when all four of us were in Oregon for Walter's son's bar mitzvah. Walter and Roberta were scurrying around with preparations, so we got to spend a fair amount of time with them, including on a hike. That opened up a new vista for me since our other interactions had been at family get togethers. In this more intimate setting, his warmth and love for life came across even more powerfully. I have thought many times since then how grateful I am to have that special time with him.

    I'll upload some pictures I have from his 90th BD celebration plus his 1932 CCNY graduation portrait, so look for them there.

    Chas' nephew, Marty

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    Mary T Hellman says

    My deepest sympathy for your family’s loss. Now the journey begins at the end of the worldly existence as we know. Somewhere a path stretches over the stars and rivers of memories flow. Somewhere a silence is heard far away and the brightness of day fills the night, where the trials of life are resolved into peace when a soul finds its way to the light. May it comfort you to know that your loved one is now at peace.

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    Peter Hellman says

    One of the marvelous moments in my life as a journalist came suddenly when I was interviewing Henry Stern, who was then president of Citizens Union during the Dinkins years, in his downtown office. He had been Parks Commissioner under Mayor Koch and would be again under Giuliani. It was Henry's lunch break at his desk, and he opened a can of sardine's, I believe, and another can of some icky-looking vegetable. Luckily, he did not offer to share!

    Anyway, we're having a rather humdrum discussion, and even Henry's golden retriever, which was always with him, looked bored, stretched out on the carpet. Somehow, Henry said something about "when I was at Bronx Science." I said, "Oh, did you by chance have my Uncle Charles for a physics course?" Henry's eyes got wide as golf balls. "MISTER HELLMAN WAS YOUR UNCLE??" he exclaimed. And he went on to say that "Mr. Hellman" (mind you, this is a 60-ish man talking) was the greatest teacher ever. He even recalled, Ibelieve, that somehow Mr. Hellman had been responsible for getting certain equipment for the camera club, and he even remembered where it was stored.

    I am certain that if I had volunteered that Albert Einstein had been my uncle, Henry would not have been nearly so impressed as discovering my bloodline was shared with that of "Mr. Hellman."

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    Howard Hellman says

    While the passing of my uncle Chas was not a complete surprise, it was, nevertheless a sad event, but one with some relief. At the age of 106 years, it was time to cross over and join the other family members and friends who were waiting for Chas to appear and become involved with topics of discussion that he well understood.

    Chas was a thinker and a scholar as well as a good listener. I will always remember him as a quiet and reserved learned person who was polite and never a bully. Carol and I extend our condolences to Arthur, Jerry, Walter, their immediate families, and, of course to the leader of the pack, my Uncle Ben.

    Let's hope for good news and good health for all. L'chaim

    Howard Hellman.

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    Marilyn jacobs says

    I wa so sad to hear the news about my special uncle Charles . We had many great times together when he came to Miami to visit. Uncle Charles always visited my dad his brother max when ever he came to Florida . It would be so nice for the family to stay in touch so there will always be memories……because memories are like a blanket they keep you warm . My condolences to uncle Charles family .

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