Rachel Debra Shemtob 1954 - 2016

Obituary not available.

Funeral Service

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Sunday, March 13, 2016
Weinstein Memorial Chapel, Inc.
1652 Central Park Avenue
Yonkers, New York, United States

Rabbi Craig Glasser, officiating


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Sunday, March 13, 2016
King Solomon Cemetery
550 Dwasline Road
Clifton, New Jersey, United States


  1. REPLY
    Marlene Shemtob says

    To My BFF Sister – I will miss you and love you always – my life will never be the same!!

    Vicki and Marlene To Vicki's Girly Girl

  2. REPLY
    David says

    to my godmother I will miss you so much. you have treated me as your own son and I will always love you. our family wont ever be the same without your morning phone calls we love you aunt ray ray

  3. REPLY
    mariyln says

    Rachel, as my first born child I can not bare to write this. my ray ray, you were a loving sister to both your sisters and your brother. you were a companion to me Rachel and I will never forget the many Saturdays we spent. your sister vicki and marlene will forever miss your phone calls as will your brother Alan. your mommy loves you.

  4. REPLY
    Oscar says

    To my sister in law I will forever hold a spot for you. Our family has been through thick and thin but Rachel has always helped bring out the best and make the holdays more at home. Passover will never be the same without you Ray Ray

  5. REPLY
    norma alguadich buhrts says




  6. REPLY
    Max Buhrts says

    Dear Aunt Rachel, you will be missed very much. I will always remember your smiling face, love always

    – Max

  7. REPLY
    George Buhrts says

    Your smile will be greatly missed ! May you make Heaven Smile. Love George

  8. REPLY
    Alan says

    where do I even begin to talk about my oldest sister. After reading all these tributes to my sister, Ive realized that Rachel has touched more hearts than one could ever imagine.

    Growing up have sisters is one of the best things I could ever ask for. I protected you all of my life that I could and Now I will rely on my father David to take care of you for your eternal journey.

    I will never forget the memories Ive had of my sister and I will always love Ray Ray

  9. REPLY
    Zachary Hajifathali says

    Dear Aunt Rachel,

    Words cannot describe what I'm feeling right now. It was only a few days ago I heard you and mom talking about the pups and what you're going to be eating and how you're feeling. I still remember all of our dinners we'd have at grandmas and all the holidays we spent together. It hurts that I cant be up there with everyone to say goodbye, but it's not a goodbye. Because I will eventually see you later. But for everything major event in my life I know you'll be watching overhead. You have no idea how much I will miss you and how much I love you.

    Love always,


  10. REPLY
    Oscar fathali says

    My RayRay

    Why did you leave us ,now? Why?

    All I know, it wasn't your time to go.

    This is God's second mistake first , he took my father in law and now, you.

    I will always complain to him about these injustices.

    ALWAYS .

    We are going to miss you very much.

    Love you

  11. REPLY
    Roseanne & John Serricchio says

    Rachel … We didn't see you often but when we did you always had a smile so bright. You were always soft spoken and a sweet person. There are no words we can say to your Mom and Siblings for this tremendous loss ! Gone much too soon. May God Bless You Always … Love Roseanne, John & Darla Marie

  12. REPLY
    Ely Buhrts says

    Dear Aunt Rachel,

    When we lose a loved one here on earth, we gain an angel in heaven that watches over us. We will never fully understand why but at the very least we can take comfort in knowing that you are a beautiful angel watching over us all. Rest easy my dear.

    I Love You Very Much,


  13. REPLY
    Michelle ziello says

    My thoughts , prayers and love go out to the entire Shemtob family on the sudden loss of their beloved Rachel. May her soul forever be blessed by God as she rests now in peaceful eternity . Love, Michelle Ziello

  14. REPLY
    Joseph Buhrts says

    Aunt Rachel,

    Words will never be able to describe how we feel when we lose a loved one. You were taken from us too soon! I want you to know that you will always be in my heart and I will forever miss you.

    I love you,


  15. REPLY
    Norma Alguadich buhrts says

    Our Rae Rae , you will live in my heart forever. You were a natural cousin who became a part of my heart and I loved you like a sister. Nonnna used to say keep tne "alma" soul alive and they will be there with you. I have so many great memories . The funniest was , one thanksgiving when Irene was talking about s movie Jeffrey that she saw . We all were crying with laughter because of her delivery and the sly movie it was. Remember Rae Rae ? I found out life you can have bread and water and laugh and laugh because you are with the ones you love. Mom(aunt lena) has not left her room since she lost you. George is also heartbroken he says (that was a classy lady). I can go on I feel guilty not being there but I promise you I will keep your spirit alive in my house . My dear Rae rae till we meet again

  16. REPLY
    Susan says


    We are not saying goodbye to you today, we are simply saying see you later. A family bond never

    dies it travels right into eternal life. (Today is sad for the family and friends you left behind, but a happy day for family that is awaiting you in heaven). (Dad will open his arms for his first born daughter.) Over the past few days we have met a lot of people who you have touched one way or another in their life. (Rachel leaving behind nothing but good memories). I personally

    want to thank you for making me feel welcomed from day one. Thank you for being kind and sweet. Rest in peace, love and miss you very much. 🙁

    Love your sisterinlaw


  17. REPLY
    Rachel says

    Dear Rachel

    I really don't know how to begin. I am still feeling the shock of losing you. Growing up it seems funny now how there were clusters of cousins; first the boys and then you, me and Norma followed by Marlene, Linda and Penny then Albie and Alan with little Vicki at the end. I will always remember our childhood as being very special and fortunate. I am going to miss our annual birthday phone calls and will continue to wish you a happy birthday every year.

    Aunt Marilyn, Marlene, Alan and Vicki please accept my love and most sincere sympathy on your loss. I truly regret not being there with you but please know I am there in spirit to say goodbye to a truly wonderful and generous person taken from us all too soon.

    I love you Rachel and hope you find peace, love and comfort where you now are.

  18. REPLY
    David says

    Aunt Rachel we love and miss you dearly

  19. REPLY
    marlene shemtob says

    Rach- I miss you every day and look for you every day – nothing we ever replace the bond we have.

    Love your sister, marlene

  20. REPLY
    Vicki says

    Dear Ray Ray,

    I miss you girly girl and the fur babies and I wait for your phone call every day.

    Love always,


  21. REPLY
    Zachary says

    Dear Aunt Rachel,

    It's been just over a month since you left us and not a day goes by that you don't cross my mind. It's been very hard on all of us but we're all trying to remain in good spirits by remembering all the good memories we all had shared. It's never a good bye, but an I'll see you later.



  22. REPLY
    Marlene Shemtob says


    Miom and I went to Alan and Susan's last night we all had dinner and cried and laughed how much we miss you.

    I go upstairs to your apartment and look for you everywhere. Rachel, I made you happy I cleaned the floors and ironed your sheets all is just how you want it. I love you my sister and I miss you so much. Susan said Rachel was the closest to you, I never realized how empty I feel – I will see you again. Hope your journey was safe.

    Love ya ,


  23. REPLY
    Marlene Shemtob says

    Rachel – It is the Passover Holiday and you are not here with us. This is so unfair we all miss you so much. I wish my whole family was here together, so we cold grieve together.

    Rach-rest in peace you are missed every day, love you forever-your sister Marl

  24. REPLY
    Marlene says


    Today is seven weeks OMG, Rachel I have not spoken to you or heard your voice. Rachel you would be here and things would be right, but you have gone into the grande sueno.

    Rest In peace till we meet again.



  25. REPLY
    Marlene says

    Rachel- your apartment is sold, your clothes are donated and this is so sad. Mom and I have done everything you would have wanted.

    We miss you and look for you every day, there is not a day that goes by that I do not think of my sister. I am totally lost. Cannot wait to see you.

    Had lunch with mom and Uncle Shaby, picked out a beautiful plaque for your resting place. RIP my sister

  26. REPLY
    Marl says

    Rach- I was just thinking Friday night how we used to sit on the stoop and wait for Daddy to come home-we had nothing but we all had each other!!

    Rach- its 15 weeks since I spoke to you and saw you my heart aches each day, today is Sunday I am waiting for you to call me and ask if I got the wash ready for you for Monday morning. Rae, I will NEVER understand why they took you now its not fair..

    Mom and I are so lonely, we miss you so much. I will be going to see you next week-Rach I will not accept this – I cannot…

    My Dear Sister, sleep well sueanos bueona padre ti!! Love ya so much, Marl

  27. REPLY
    marlene says

    Rae- Its 19 weeks OMG…..I cannot believe I have not seen my sister in 19 weeks.

    Rae I miss you so much I look for you every day, I spoke with the Rabbi and he said its a very hard and sad loss. Rae I wish daddy taught us how to handle this and go on, it just so hard. I do not hear from anyone and that is also sad. I still call your number on the way to work to say love ya!! Rae I am not feeling that great I need my sister.

    I will be out to see you soon.

    I love you forever!!!!!!

    your sister,

    Marlene or as you would say Molly

  28. REPLY
    David hajifathali says

    Happy first birthday in heaven aunt Rachel. Keep looking down on everyone and keep us all together. Holidays aren't getting easier and we know these were your favorite times . We all miss you and love you. Grandpa needed you for something is the only reason I can think of.

  29. REPLY
    Marlene Shemtob says

    Rachel, OMG its 3 years today. You are missed more than words can ever say, Mommy is now with you Rae I know you will take care of each other. Love you my sister – my friend till we are together again. I will never understand why this happened you were to young and needed to much.Xo

    Your sister,

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