Traditional Service

Often referred to as a “traditional” or full service funeral, includes a service in one of our chapels or in your synagogue....

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Graveside Service

A graveside service is held at the place of interment: at a grave, mausoleum crypt, or columbarium niche (in the case of cremation)....

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Memorial Service

A memorial service is a ceremony for memorializing someone who has died that takes place after the body has been buried or cremated....

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With a Direct Cremation the body is cremated immediately following the death, without a funeral service beforehand....

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Immediate Burial

The body is buried immediately after death, without a formal funeral service or graveside service before the burial....

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Out of State

People nowadays are always on the move…whether moving permanently to another state or temporarily to a second home....

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Associations & Partners

Metropolitan Funeral Directors Association
National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA)
New York State Funeral Directors Association
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KAVOD - The Independent Jewish Funeral Chapels

Children and Funerals

Jewish tradition regards a funeral as a very important part of the life cycle, and an important educational opportunity. Learn more

Six Reasons We Don’t Talk About Death

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