Marilyn Shemtob 1934 - 2018


Shemtob, Marilyn passed away on November 6, 2018 surrounded by her loving family.  Beloved wife of the late David Shemtob.  Devoted mother of Marlene, Alan and Vicki (Oscar Hajifathali), and the late Rachel Shemtob.  Cherished grandmother of David, Jake and Zachary.

May she rest in peace and her memory continue to be a blessing to all who knew her.


Graveside Service

Thursday, November 8th 2018 at 10:15 AM
King Solomon Cemetery
550 Dwasline Road
Clifton, NJ 07012
(973) 473-5646


  1. REPLY
    David hajifathali says

    Grandma, tomorrow will be a hard day for all of us. Your legacy and memories will never be forgotten. What you have done for us and been there for is something that words can not thank you for. You have touched so many in your life, but to a select few you were our world.

    You have been called home to help your daughter and husband. The pain burdens us to lose you but we can’t be selfish. There will never be anybody like you grandma. I love you to pieces

  2. REPLY
    David hajifathali says

    Yesterday was a very hand day grandma, and tomorrow is will be one of the hardest things I’ve had to do this far in my life. Saying goodbye to you grandma will be impossible. Having never met my grandfather David you had became a grandfather and grandmother. Nobody could have done it better than you could.

    The unconditional love and support you offered will forever leave a void in our hearts. You’ve touched so many lives but what your did for your family is something we will never be able to forget

    For your time on this earth there are not worlds that would let me express how grateful I am to call you my grandmother. You’re husband and daughter need some of your love that I have cherished for these 30 years of my life. We can’t be selfish you have others to help. I hope you enjoyed your first dinner with my grandfather and aunt. We love you and please take care of the rest of the family. We have it from here

  3. REPLY
    marlene says

    Mom I will never be the same, I will miss you every day, look for you every day. I do not know how I will go on. but you are in peace and out of pain.

    Love you forever.


  4. REPLY
    Marlene says

    I can never repay you for all you have done for me. You have been there my whole life and have been my mother and friend. This is the hardest time in my life that I can think of. Mom you have fought hard and strong, hard to et you leave but you are going to Dad and Rachel. I will look for you in every corner and turn in my life – my life will never be the same. I love you forever.


  5. REPLY
    Jake Shemtob says

    Grandma, the news of your passing brought me great sadness and sorrow. Circumstances over the years did not allow us to share in as many special moments together as we would have liked. Yet, each of the times that we did spend speaking on the phone or having a visit, although infrequent, reminded me of your unconditional love despite our distance. I have no doubt that you will be joining my grandfather in watching over me every day and that we will share in many special moments together over the years to come.

    I will personally be faced with some tough emotions as your family lays you to rest tomorrow, but I am at peace knowing that God has called you home and that you are suffering no more and that you will be there with us. My love to you today and always.

    Eternal rest grant to her, O Lord; and let light perpetual shine upon her. May her soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

  6. REPLY
    Zachary Hajifathali says


    I still remember back to when I was a little boy where you would let Dave and I get away with everything and deny us of nothing. I still remember Dave and I being much, much older and you still let us get away with everything and you would still treat us like your babies. No matter how old I got, I knew that I would always be your baby boy, from my 1st birthday to my 21st, and from my elementary school graduation all the way to my college graduation. Nothing will ever change that, from me moving to Florida and to you leaving us to be with Grandpa and Aunt Rachel, I will always be your baby boy and you will always be my Grandma. I can still hear you say “I’m going to eat you up when I see you”. I know you’ll be watching over us and you’ll be by our sides throughout the rest our lives. This is not a goodbye, but an I’ll see you later.

    Love always,

  7. REPLY
    Vicki Hajifathali says

    Dear Mom, today is Saturday and I would call Marlene to see how your doing today and she would give me a kiss for you. but you a not here today mom our hearts are broken and I hope you are talking to my father and sister telling my father how our family has grown. not a day will be the same since you left us and not a day will go by where we do not think about you mom. Love you then, love you now, love you aways

  8. REPLY
    marlene shemtob says

    Mom, you are so missed I cant even explain it..Life is not the same I walk in your room and expect you to be there and say hello, what’s for dinner? But you are not here the family is not the same I can not wait for the day to be with you, dad and Rachel. Everyone thinks I am strong and can do this, but I can’t and I do not want to. Love you so much.

  9. REPLY
    Marlene says

    Mom its your birthday Monday, miss you and Rae so much I was sitting this morning and thinking we should be together…Rest In Peace, I feel so awful I am not ther to visit you and Rae on your birthday my heart and love are with you both..

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