Richard Kalvin 1952 - 2017


Obituary not available.

Graveside Service

12:00 pm Wednesday, September 27, 2017
Cedar Park Cemetery
735 Forest Avenue
Paramus, New Jersey, United States


  1. REPLY
    Bert Zackim says

    Richard Kalvin, age 65, died in mid September, of cancer, which he contracted, most likely

    in Vietnam, resulting from Agent Orange. I met Richard in the Flea market many years ago, a friendly little guy

    who was well known. He was a collector of military memorabilia, and he possessed quite

    a collection. He supplied me with some memorabilia also, not so much military, but,

    other objects from the dark side of the world. He would return the twenty bucks I lent

    him from time to time. He worked as a messenger, after a long stint for the city,

    as he could not take the pressure of an office. I would run into him from time to time,

    in a thrift shop or even on the subway. We seemed to cross path on a regular basis.

    During the summer he found his way into Mt. Sinai, due to internal bleeding.

    I went to see him, and he told me he had cancer. Those of us in the flea market

    realized it was due his service, as a tunnel rat, slipping into the tunnels to

    kill the Viet Cong, and he collected many an ear to string about his neck.

    He had told me he went into the army as choice, against prison

    for manslaughter.

    He leaves behind a daughter, and a brother who is a professor and many

    of us who considered him a friend. He had met my sister and never

    forgot to ask for her, or my friend Stu. A kind sharp guy who

    joined the casualties of a war that seems long long ago.

    He was very proud of his collection, and I hope it is well taken

    care of….

    Rest in Peace, Richie.

  2. REPLY
    Douglas Kalvin says

    It has been eighteen months since you left us; we miss you terribly and all the good things you did for so many people. With all our love;
    Doug; Sherry; Hannah; and Harris Kalvin

  3. REPLY
    Amy Cohen says

    Baruch Dayan Ha’emet: Blessed be those who judge.
    I discovered the tragic loss of Richard three years after he died and I am grief struck. 1st Cousin Amy

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